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NDC LogoAddiction and Recovery Sources: This page is filled with links to educational addiction and recovery resources dealing with addiction, addiction treatment, recovery from addiction, specific medical information regarding alcoholism, drug addiction, Suboxone management, and other information pertinent to addiction treatment.

A large part of recovery from addiction is education, learning what the drugs do to the body, mind and relationships, learning about all aspects of recovery, and learning the skills of relapse prevention. At NewDay Counseling we focus on relapse prevention. There are myriad circumstances, especially in early recovery, that can sabotage recovery, so if everyone involved understands what these relapse triggers are, then recovery is enhanced. It always helps to have as much knowledge as possible. This is from ProjectKnow:

Why Educate Others About Drugs?

drug educationIt is important to educate children, teenagers, and adults about drugs due to the fact that there are many misconceptions about commonly used illegal substances and other substances, such as alcohol. Making sure that children are educated about drugs can help prevent them from taking something that is made to sound harmless when it really is very addictive or dangerous to the body. Helping adults understand the repercussions of drug use can prevent a problem from forming, especially if a person has an important job or social activity that drug use could disrupt.

The more accurate knowledge a person has, the better his or her ability will be to make an accurate and informed decision. Drugs should be discussed regardless of the strength or damage it could cause. While opiates and other hard drugs may be more serious, comparatively “minor” drugs like marijuana can still be addictive and are frequently abused. People of all ages should be aware of the damage drugs and alcohol can do to the body, mind, and to those around the user.

The more we know about addiction and recovery, the better we can address the problem. There is still much misinformation regarding alcohol and other drug problems, even in the healthcare professions, although a great deal of progress has been made. I hope the links below provide good information — I’ll continue adding to the list.

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