NewDay Staff

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Human Resources/Practice Director

Susan Farmer is the Human Resources/Practice Director at NewDay Counseling. Susan has worked in the field of addiction treatment since 1984. Susan meets the clients when they first come through the door, helps them get into treatment and ensures that all the proper paper work is completed. Susan supervises the insurance verification. This position is critical to making treatment as hassle-free as possible. Susan also supervises the practice management and Human Resources, making sure that our employees comply with policy and procedures and have all they need to do a good job.




Mike Farmer is the Administrator/CEO of NewDay Counseling. Mike has worked in the addiction treatment for 17 years, as a Certified Addiction Counselor, CACII, Clinical Director, Employee Assistance Professional, CEAP, Marketing Director and Manager of an Outpatient Facility in Norcross, Ga. Mike is responsible for the overall management of the facility, community outreach, referral development and financial oversight.





johnClinical Director

John Capachione, M.Ed, LPC, CEAP, SAP, RRT and Men’s Life Coach   John is considered one of the area’s leading specialists in addictions, child and adolescent health and gender specific counseling for men.  John has over fifteen years of experience in creating, implementing, and successfully administrating services such as drug court treatment/addiction counseling/evaluation, EAP and life coach services.

John holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and is a licensed professional Counselor (LPC) for the state of Georgia.  John earned his Employee Assistance Professional Certification (CEAP) in April of 2010.  Mr. Capachione obtained his Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) designation in 2010. Mr. Capachione is also certified as a level two Rapid Trauma Resolution practitioner through the Institute of Rapid Trauma Resolution in Orlando Florida. John has recently submitted for his Master Addiction Counselor Credential (MAC).